Experiments & Results

Experiment to grow faster

To achieve our goals as growth marketers, we come up with ideas, turn them into measurable experiments, and aim for results towards our north star metric. The challenge is coming up with the right ideas, not messing up the experiments, and producing results that last.
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Linkedin content magic profiles & pages

50% of all new Pirate Skills followers across all platforms are now from LinkedIn. No other platform has quite taken off like it in the past year, even though we put in the same effort. In addition to the audience you can build there, LinkedIn is the only social platform where people want to do business with you.
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automation for busy marketers

When developers repeat a task twice, they build a tool to automate it. When we marketers repeat a task ten times, we keep at it semi happily. Like posting on five social media platforms, Tweaking our ad campaigns, or sending out newsletters. All relatively manually – at least it's mostly digital these days.
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Google analytics demystified

Taking the time to look at your Google Analytics data can be daunting, especially when you are already busy. It can appear complicated, technical, and confusing. I want to show you that learning to demystify your user behavior data can be much more like an exciting treasure hunt.
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tips & tricks for instagram ads

During Covid19 Instagram ads have become cheaper than I have ever seen. Now is a great time to check if and how you can make Instagram ads profitable for your business. And if you don't believe that your customers are going to buy in this crisis (which I don't think), you can use this time to build your lead list cheaper than usual.
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Personalisation with A/b testing

What would you think if a colleague greeted you every day as if it was the first time you have ever met? Well, that's how we usually treat our website visitors. We "know" that they have been there, we know which ad we send them, and whether or not they bought something before, but we completely ignore that on our website. Crazy, right?
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