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Listen, there will be no better time than now to make LinkedIn the focus channel of your content marketing efforts if you serve other businesses.
  1. become the goto guy/girl/diverse on LinkedIn in your particular niche
  2. never run out of post and article ideas thanks to a nifty storytelling framework
  3. format your posts on LinkedIn to get more interactions with your audience
  4. publish more often without being annoying
With Pirate Skills my most relevant social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and of course LinkedIn. 50% of all new Pirate Skills followers across all platforms are now from LinkedIn. No other platform has quite taken off like it in the past year, even though we put in the same effort. In addition to the audience you can build there, LinkedIn is the only social platform where people want to do business with you.
It's not like the annoying B2B ad that wants you to join that "awesome webinar" while you look at party pictures from last night on Instagram or Facebook. People expect you to talk on LinkedIn about how you can help their own business. Actively connecting and writing with the people who engage with your content will have a significant impact on your sales and help you to become the goto guy for your niche.
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