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marketing for the good guys

Hopefully, we have established by now that content marketing is the backbone of most other channels. Need a high-converting landing page? We better have a resonating story with on-point headlines and clear graphics. Need to build an email nurturing series?
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creating converting content

We used to create many how-to articles and videos ourselves in the past but found that our audience values these new types of content much more. Plus, if you know how, they are hardly any more effort to create. That's why we have built this Interactive Lead Magnet guide for you.
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This is our simple step by step approach to bring your organic content marketing game to the next level. Find the stories that resonate with your customers and tell them in engaging formats on the right platforms.
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We are telling the product story through the descriptions, pictures, and videos we design. We have the opportunity to make the most out of this story in the eyes of our customers.
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We have talked in depth about a LinkedIn content marketing strategy in the past. But what is it good for if you have the best content, but no one is listening? Now it's time to grow your personal and company LinkedIn network.
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50% of all new Pirate Skills followers across all platforms are now from LinkedIn. No other platform has quite taken off like it in the past year, even though we put in the same effort. In addition to the audience you can build there, LinkedIn is the only social platform where people want to do business with you.
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Video is fast rising to become the single most important content format of our times. While text has been king in the past, due to its importance for SEO, video has overtaking most social networks as the preferred medium. But video can be hard, compared to text.
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How to create video content faster

Videos can be much more work than, for example, writing articles or creating graphics, but they don't have to be. In this course, we are going to give you a behind-the-scenes look into our video production workflow, so you can learn how to create video content much faster and easier.
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