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We have talked in depth about a LinkedIn content marketing strategy in February. But what is it good for if you have the best content, but no one is listening? Now it's time to grow your personal and company LinkedIn network.

The LinkedIn Network Growth Strategy

How to grow your private profile on LinkedIn. The key element we rely on is "give, give, give, ask".

Finding people on LinkedIn the right way

Start finding the right people on LinkedIn with different search options and applying filters like searching in your area, start looking for specific industries.

The paid version would be the LinkedIn Sales Navigator (70€/month). The filter options are much more precise and show you different ways to get in contact with a specific connection.

Another approach would be the 2nd-degree connection method. Go to your existing connections and use the filter to only show the connections with a 2nd-degree status to expand your network that way.

Connecting people on LinkedIn systematically

Increase your network systematically. Before sending out a connection request consider if writing an additional message is helpful or just a hurdle.

Keep on track of your LinkedIn progress with Shield Analytics

Bringing LinkedIn leads into your CRM

The goal is to build relationships, earn trust, and deliver value to those who can afford your services to get a good return on investment.

Are your contacts passing these 5 criteria to go from a marketing qualified lead to a sales qualified lead (SQL)?

  1. Passed initial research filters
  2. Accepted connection request
  3. Answered to messages
  4. Can make use of the offer
  5. Is interested in a meeting


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