Growth Roadmap

Experimenting your way to your goals
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The Skill Tree

I know you want to be a badass marketer. To get there, you need a clear path to develop your marketing skills. The problem is that marketing has become a vast field which makes you wonder where to start. I believe that in 2022 solid marketing skills are necessary to make the impact and profits you are aiming for.
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scale up your business with tool stack

Do you want to set your business up for scale? The problem is your current, outdated tools make you feel slow because you can't make changes fast enough, or it takes ages to build new landing pages or email funnels. We believe you and your business deserve to be free and agile.
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How do you know that you are ready to grow your business to the scale you have in mind? We have built a "Growth Marketing Index" that aspires to help you as a founder and marketer to identify your strength and weakness across your growth marketing efforts.
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E-Commerce is one of the most fun and instructive playgrounds for us growth marketers. Experiments result in precise and monetary outcomes within days.
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Growth Strategies & Growth Goals

This time it's all about creating a solid Growth Marketing Strategy for your company or project. We will talk about Growth Strategys, Growth Goals, Planning a Growth Roadmap and much more. 
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To achieve our goals as growth marketers, we come up with ideas, turn them into measurable experiments, and aim for results towards our north star metric. The challenge is coming up with the right ideas, not messing up the experiments, and producing results that last.
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"Growth for Growth sake" is not the way we role at Pirate Skills. Instead we believe in giving entrepeneurs like you the skills to grow as much as you need to become independent and do what you love. Making growth your only goal is a sure way to become the slave of your business.
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opportunities in difficult times

In the last 10 days, I have seen massive reductions in advertising spendings and capacities for content marketing. A lot of projects lost 60-90% of daily revenue, starting on Friday the 13th. Since then, we have shifted the focus of our marketing efforts. But what we changed was very different from project to project. Let's discuss the various opportunities we have in this crazy time.
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