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IDENTIFY YOUR strengths & weaknesses

How do you know that you are ready to grow your business to the scale you have in mind? It's a complex problem that ranges from market response to your product, operational limitations, and resources like time, money, tools and skills.

We have built a "Growth Readiness Quiz" that aspires to help you as a founder and marketer to identify your strength and weakness across your growth marketing efforts. This is only version 1.0, and we will continuously integrate your feedback to make this tool as good as possible for all of us. Keep reading so we can tell you more about it and how it's intended to be used.

The quiz consists of 30 questions across the 6 core topics we believe have the most significant impact on your growth marketing setup and skills:

  1. Growth Roadmap | Experiment your way to your goals.
  2. Content & Story | Clarify your message and spread it organically.
  3. Funnel Building | Build a path for visitors to become customers.
  4. Data Analytics | Define your north star metric and stay the course.
  5. Traffic Generation | 10x the reach of your message with paid ads.
  6. Conversion Optimization | Increase your impact and profitability.


A result may look like this:

67% Total Growth Readiness

  • 70% Growth Roadmap
  • 60% Content Marketing
  • 34% Funnel Building
  • 68% Data Analytics
  • 94% Traffic Generation
  • 78% Conversion Optimization

100% Growth Readiness = You are ready to grow very fast
0% Growth Readiness = You are very limited in your ability to grow

In this example, we see an above-average total score of 67%, but we also see the breakdown by category and a weakness in "Funnel Building" at 34%. This can indicate that the tools and skills to build landing pages and email sequences keep this business from its growth goals. At the same time, the quiz showed an apparent strength with paid traffic. Since paid traffic is highly dependent on the funnel after the paid click, this is probably a big opportunity for improvement for this business.

We are excited to hear how helpful (or not) it was for you. We know it may oversimplify many more complex problems, but we believe that those 30 questions are solid for an assessment that can be done in a short amount of time. We will keep on looking for more and better questions in our practice as growth marketer and in your feedback ([email protected]).


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