Growth tools

Strengths & Weaknesses 

How do you know that you are ready to grow your business to the scale you have in mind? We have built a "Growth Marketing Index" that aspires to help you as a founder and marketer to identify your strength and weakness across your growth marketing efforts.
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Creating a great publishing calendar

This is our simple step by step approach to bring your organic content marketing game to the next level. Find the stories that resonate with your customers and tell them in engaging formats on the right platforms.
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Wordpress Landing Page setup

Can you build landing pages in less than a day that are high converting, A/B testable, fast loading, and mobile-optimized? If your website lacks these aspects, you are making unacceptable compromises for this day and age.
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Set up your analytics tools right

Setting up analytics tools and keeping track of all critical user journey steps (conversions) can be confusing and often done only half-hearted. The problem with this is that you see less clearly where you are wasting time (low-quality content) and money (unprofitable ads).
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Traffic Channel Compass- Growth Marketing - Pirate Skills

Focus on the right marketing channels

The Traffic Channel Compass will give you an overview of the most effective growth marketing channels and help you focus on the right ones. Should your focus scarce resources on Facebook, SEO, Newsletter,... or maybe even TikTok?
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AB Testing Blueprint - Growth Marketing- Pirate Skills

A/B Test data driven choices

Let's make testing your new text and design ideas for your landing page as straightforward as possible. Building on our landing page and tracking template, we add the last piece to the growth marketing puzzle: A/B Testing with Google Optimize. Follow our step-by-step guide and upgrade your setup.
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