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This is how you build a solid growth roadmap
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It's time to stop "good enough" marketing

Too many teams are held back by old-school marketing thinking. They still believe that a marketers main job is to fill the top of the pipeline without any responsibility how leads convert into profitable customers relationships.

  1. They don't know which of their campaigns are actually most profitable.
  2. They don't realize how much splitting organic and paid channels is hurting them.
  3. They don't have tracking system they can rely on and is easy to understand.

this is the growth roadmap 
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Join the Growth Marketing Mastery program to get

  • 6 half-day interactive online workshops
  • 6 online video courses for self-paced learning
  • Our full Pirate Playbook for each skill
  • Personalized Q&A sessions in every workshop
  • Access to the Mastery Discord channel
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Learn from a serial founder with real-world experience

Ben Sufiani - Growth Marketer and Founder of Pirate Skills
  • Founder of Pirate Skills + 7 startups since 2009 from mobile app, to e-commerce and SaaS
  • 14 years of expertise as founder and marketer
  • Over 1.000 marketing workshops and coaching sessions with marketing teams from AXA, E.ON, DHL, Bosch, Melitta, Greator, Klarheit, BodyIP, Rencore, IANUS, ...
  • Passionate about Performance Marketing, Analytics, Psychology, Business Strategy
  • LinkedIn | YouTube | Twitter
growth roadmap

Miro Board 
Growth Roadmap
Build a highly impactful and profitable marketing system, with your own team, trained to their sharpest edge.
  • 1 half-day group workshops / month
  • Support Q&A session in every workshop
  • Access to all workshop resources
  • Access to the SAILOR CIRCLE
    Discord channel
  • Cancel anytime to the end of the month
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pirate playbook

All Pirate Playbooks for each topic
Get the guidance of a growth marketing veteran and execute hands-on solutions for your individual growth challenges.
  • 4 growth coaching sessions 1on1
    just with Ben (90min)
  • 1 workshop seat in the
    SAILOR CIRCLE included
  • Access to the CAPTAIN ON DECK
    Discord channel
  • Cancel anytime to the end of the month
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Develop a solid marketing strategy that gets you from where you already are to your most challenging goals. Launch and execute impactful marketing initiatives that truely move the needle.


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This is a free video of me talking about Marketing Strategy to get in impression.
1 - No Map, No Treasure – Plan a clear Growth Roadmap
1.1 - Set meaningful and challenging growth goals
1.2 - Identify and diagnose the bottleneck
1.3 - Find potential breakthroughs to keep growing
1.4 - Organize your ideas until they click into a solid strategy
1.5 - Work towards your goals in weekly growth sprints
Example Growth Roadmaps
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What exactly is included in the program and when do I get access?

You get access to 6 live online workshops that usally happen an every 2 Wednesday of the month from 13:30 to 17:00 CEST (Berlin time). The exact dates for workshops, that also account for holiday etc., are always kept up to date on this landing page 6 months ahead. These workshops are hosted by Ben Sufiani and everybody who joins can ask individual questions during the workshop and in the Q&A session at the end.

With each live workshop comes a pre-recorded video course that you can access 2 weeks before the workshop. It'll walk you step by step through the marketing system as will the live workshops, but let's you do it in your own pace. Plus, you can came back and redo the video course as often as you like, once you understand has hit the next level. We don't expect you to have watched and implemented all of it before the live workshop. Feel free to do so, though.

Which each video course come a part of the Pirate Playbook. This is your online handbook and toolbox. It's a mix of miro boards to help you visualize your marketing system at it's current state, as well as Notion workspace for a more text based handbook. No paid Miro or Notion Account will be required. The content in Miro and Notion will be continiously updated as soon as new insights or better recommendations become available. A static PDF version of the playbook will be provided to you as well.

What if I miss a live workshop and can I repeat them?

The online video course will still give you all the information you need to implement the marketing system. The value of the workshop is primarily in being able to ask questions and interaction with the others in the group.

If you can't make it one of the live workshops you can join again 6 months later. Actually, you can repeat all live workshops as long as we offer them. For example, we have costumers you join the Growth Roadmap work as preparation for the company goal meeting every time.

Will I get a good ROI (return of investment) on the training?

Let’s say you investment the 3750€ for the full program. If your revenue is at 500k € per year, even a 1% improvement would make your money back. Our actual growth target is double what you are currently making, no promises though.

What to do if I don't have the right people in my team to execute the system?

We know good people are hard to find. With our system even junior marketers will be able to build a profitable marketing process within you company and grow into the senior role. Hire for aptiude more than experience and let them go through the relevant parts of the online video course to learn quickly. This alone should save you a ton of money in personal costs.

What if my sales team won't be able to process all those leads?

Part of the funnel building training is the setup of a solid lead scoring system that helps your sales time to focus on the best leads and stops them wasting their time on the weak ones. They are not even supposed to follow up on all leads. Ideally a significant percentage of leads starts to pay for your product all by themselves without every talking to sales.

How do I know if this course is too advance or to easy for me?

Signals that the course is too advanced:

  • This is your very very first touch point with marketing
  • You are mortally afraid of spreadsheets
  • You are sooo creative that you don't want to measure you results

Signals that you are too advanced for the course:

  • You have done nothing but building A/B tested landing pages, automated, personalized email sequences, complex ad campaigns and deep data analysis for the last 3 years and don't want to become even better at it.
What if I want more of team members to join the the live workshops?

Get in touch with us and we'll give you a great team discount. We love when more people from one company join, because it gets a profitibale marketing system working so much faster.

What if I use other tools, social or ad platforms than those being recommended?

We are not married to particular tools and believe that there are many solutions to the same problem. Don’t worry, we make shure the key insights are applicable for a broad range of business cases and tool stacks.

What if I don't want to increase the ad budget yet?

We will show you ways how to isolate the revenue related specific marketing costs, so you can make small but impactful experiments. Once you see the ROI of every single euro of ad spend, you won’t see it as a cost no more, but an investment.

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