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Embark on an exciting journey with Pirate Skills, where we help teams unlock their true potential and sail towards success. We AARRR experienced pirates, dedicated to providing founders and marketers with the knowledge and skills needed to conquer any challenge.
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Meet our Team

Get to know the talented individuals behind Pirate Skills
Ben Sufiani
Ben is the founder and captain, drives the vision, mission, and roadmap guiding our team to success.
Christina Röse
Christina, handling customer management, content management, and communication lead.
Hendrik Schultze
Hendrik, our AI automation specialist, excels in optimizing processes and driving sales growth.
Arman Moradi
Arman is responsible for funnel building, performance marketing, and video editing.
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Our Timeline

First Meetups

The first meetups at Startplatz in Cologne Germany.

First Meetups

The first meetups at Startplatz in Cologne Germany.

First Meetups

The first meetups at Startplatz in Cologne Germany.
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Marketing has been primarily a tool to help my own 8 startups survive and strive. Zero patience for marketing bullshit.


Not only practical startup experience, but the ability and passion to teach founders and marketers all my marketing insights.


I have actually helped founders and marketers to increase their revenue and users both in the millions. Just ask them.

Learn from a serial founder with real-world experience

Ben Sufiani - Growth Marketer and Founder of Pirate Skills
  • Founder of Pirate Skills + 7 startups since 2009 from mobile app, to e-commerce and SaaS
  • 14 years of expertise as founder and marketer
  • Over 1.000 marketing workshops and coaching sessions with marketing teams from AXA, E.ON, DHL, Bosch, Melitta, Greator, Klarheit, BodyIP, Rencore, IANUS, ...
  • Passionate about Performance Marketing, Analytics, Psychology, Business Strategy
  • LinkedIn | YouTube | Twitter
Ben's full story


I met Ben through his amazing Community and Meetup (Pirate Skills) in late 2016.
From that time I've joined Meetings, Events, Meetups and even Workshops together with Ben and realized how much more he knows that can't be shown in a 60 Minute Meetup.
Just being around this guy makes you work harder and faster.
I will always see Ben as one of my first Mentors when it comes Marketing and Growth.
He has inspired me to do what I do and therefore I will be always thankful.

Speech in Tollhaus Karlsruhe and the follow-up workshop - in short time he gives a lot of information and tipps around the customer journey.
His knowledge, his empathie - he is a well sparringspartner for speeding up your own business success.
His impact is unique for each client.

Over the years, my connection with Ben Sufiani, who started as my daughters' swim coach, has evolved into a fruitful collaboration crucial to my career. Since August 2022, I've benefited from Ben's extensive marketing knowledge, which turned swimly, my online swim school, from a losing venture into a profitable business.

Ben is a hands-on mentor whose intellect and 15 years of marketing experience have supported every aspect of swimly. From developing a solid business strategy, teaching design, to optimizing sales funnels and understanding essential tracking – his advice has always been invaluable.

His unique advice, the weekly diving challenge, has been a real catalyst for attracting customers and improving the product. His focus on conversion rate and customer lifetime value, previously overlooked in my business strategy, has been equally important.

Ben has an extraordinary ability to clearly and understandably convey complex topics. His high standards of excellence and quality have inspired me to always strive for the best. He has the rare gift of motivating others to achieve more.

For anyone ambitious and looking to maximize their potential, Ben is the ideal mentor. His broad knowledge, combined with practical application, makes him a valuable resource for entrepreneurs at any career stage.

Ben, I am deeply grateful for the countless lessons and the lasting change you have brought to swimly and my professional life.

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What exactly is included in the Playbook and when do I get access?

Each Pirate Skills Playbook comes in 3 versions that are all included:

  • A visual Miro Board for you to copy and work on
  • A written online Handbook with detailed explanations and action steps
  • A PDF version of the Handbook

Each Playbook comes with a Miro template for you to work on,
and is accompanied by a filled out examples based on a case study.
In the case of the Growth Roadmap, the case study is Pirate Bills (the fictional SaaS) that uses realistic figures and scenarios.

One of our team members will provide you with access to the Pirate Playbook within 24 hours.
We'll let you know through email.

Once you're notified, you'll get access to a hidden section in our Sailor Circle Community.

How do I know if this Playbook is too advance or to easy for me?

Signals that the Playbook is too advanced:

  • This is your very very first touch point with marketing
  • You are mortally afraid of spreadsheets
  • You are sooo creative that you don't want to measure you results

Signals that you are too advanced for the Playbook:

  • You have done nothing but building A/B tested landing pages, automated, personalized email sequences, complex ad campaigns and deep data analysis for the last 3 years and don't want to become even better at it.
Master the Art and Science of Growth Marketing.


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