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Marketing Skills in 2024 - Pirate Skills

Marketing Skills
for 2024

Become your own Growth Marketer
03.01.2024 | 16:30 Berlin time
Online Event
Let's make 2024 the year of your business independence! Take your Growth Marketing into your own hands and get your marketing strategy right.
The primary goal of this webinar is to put you in the driver’s seat of your business growth. It’s an opportunity to transform into a self-reliant Growth Marketer, equipped with the knowledge and tools to independently steer your business towards success.


My 15-year voyage as a founder and marketer has led me to a powerful realization: mastering specific marketing skills is crucial for steering your business towards impactful and profitable growth.


This realization has been shaped into a dynamic marketing system, tried and tested in various settings—from corporate giants like AXA to rising stars like IANUS Simulation and innovative startups like Max Academy. This system has repeatedly proven its worth by transforming marketing teams into architects of their own growth, less reliant on outside expertise or at least more confident in their collaborations with agencies.


This session is more than just a learning experience; it's an empowering step towards taking complete control of your business's growth and shaping your future success.

Join us for the free online event on January 3rd, 16:30 Berlin time, we would love to see you there.





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THE 6 Growth Marketing Skills

Growth marketing strategY

Develop a solid marketing strategy that gets you from where you already are to your most challenging goals. Launch and execute impactful marketing initiatives that truly move the needle.


Craft a resonating story and create content that attracts your dream customers and positions you as a leader in your space. Build an organic following first, so you are forced to create content your customers care about.

Lead funnel

Build a value-driven marketing funnel that makes it easy for your future customers to trust you and buy. Learn the power of high-converting landing pages and email marketing that turns into customers.


Measure your growth goals and learn faster which marketing efforts drive progress and don’t waste money. Learn to collect data you rely on. Finally, know which of your campaigns really drives profitable acquisition.


Drive more profitable traffic by focusing on the right organic and paid channels that fit your audience and resources. Get the collected experience from hundreds of ad campaigns that helps you scale your media budget.


Increase the impact and profit with systematic experiments that reliably free your growth bottlenecks. Learn to A/B you landing pages, emails and ad campaigns reduc cost and increase revenue.

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