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Welcome to "Growth Tides at the Pirate's Roundtable"

You're in, Pirate!

Looking forward to welcoming you to our online Roundtable event.

If you’re facing a growth-related challenge and seeking a collaborative solution, we encourage you to apply for a hot seat. We source cases for each months' roundtable to ensure a varied discussion. Just send an email with a short case description to [email protected].

If you don't want to wait until the next Roundtable, join our free Pirate Skills community for founders and marketers.
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About Ben

Captain of Pirate Skills

Ben is passionate about Performance Marketing, Analytics, Psychology & Business Strategy

• Founder of Pirate Skills & 7 other startups

• 12+ years of marketing experience

• Hosted over 1.000 marketing workshops

Master the Art and Science of Growth Marketing.


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