Growth Roadmap Workshop


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Goals for this Workshop:
  • Exploring the status quo
  • Defining the right growth goals
  • Figuring out the milestones to get there
  • Setting up your experimentation system
  • Generating ideas for experiments
  • Prioritizing your ideas
  • Testing your ideas in growth sprints

Product description

Select marketing channels:
Depending on your business model and target group, it makes more or less sense to be on platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn. Choosing the right channels is critical to your success. First, we look at all options, and then we use the Bulls-Eye framework from Gabriel Weinberg's book "Traction" to select the most important channels for you.

Plan Growth Funnel:
The channels often result in a logical order in which users get to know your brand and become your customers. For example, they see a Facebook ad, click on the link to the landing page where they leave their email and then end up in an email series or with the sales team. In the workshop, I will help you to plan the right funnels and measure success.

Experiment systematically:
There is no guarantee that the selected channels, funnels, and campaigns will be successful, so it is very important to systematically test what works and what doesn't. In many projects, it is for me only the second or third channel and the 15th campaign that really goes through the ceiling. In the workshop, I will show you how to take your marketing from week to week to a new level.

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