Facebook Ads -> Landing Pages -> Emails -> Revenue
SEPTEMBER 19th, 2018

About the next workshop

Attend this workshop, and you'll come out of it with a fully functional growth funnel from Facebook Ads to an A/B tested landing pages to an automated email series in one day.

Funnels are the ways your business gains customers. It’s the step by step process by which future customers:

  • get to know your brand
  • stay in touch with your business
  • convert from subscribers to customers

Growth funnels take many shapes and forms. I want to help you build the funnel, which works most consistently across my industries and business models. The main funnel we’ll implement together on September 19th will be:

  1. Content pushed by Facebook Ads to an ...
  2. A/B tested landing page to an ...
  3. Email series on Mailchimp to ...
  4. One and more purchases.

This funnel works in most B2B and B2C businesses and has the advantage of building a sustainable email list profitably.

Of course, will also talk about:

- AARRR Metrics and how to track your funnel

- Automation between Facebook and MailChimp with Zapier

- and the topics you come up with during the workshop

See you at this workshop at Startplatz Cologne on September 19th, 2018 from 9 am to 5 pm.

If you have remaining questions, feel free to message me.




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