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One hundred people come to your shop, and three buy something. Is that great or a disaster? In the real world, it would be unacceptable! But in online shops, a 3% E-Commerce conversion rate is pretty decent. No matter what your conversion rate is at the moment, you probably have one burning question: How can we improve on this vital web analytics metric? That why we have prepared the last part of the "Double your E-Commerce profits" series with three more growth marketing tactics. The plan for this course is:

  • Personalized Shop Banners (#13/15)
  • Optimize Your Checkout XP (#14/15)
  • Introduce A/B Testing (#15/15)

#13 Personalized Shop Banners

The major problems visitors have in online shops are a lack of trust and relevance regarding their own needs. By personalizing their shopping experience, we are making a big step in the right direction. For example, we will show how to display a personalized banner that takes the traffic source into account. Imagine a coupon banner based on the influencer or ad your visitors are coming from.

#14 Optimize Your Checkout XP

In most online shops I see only a third of "add to cart" results in a purchase. Visitors have shown interest in your product but haven't been committed enough to go through the 27 form fields that stood between them and your product. It's time to clean up the checkout experience. But what changes should we focus on?

#15 Introduce A/B Testing

Not every change we are planning is making things better. The cool new design, the chat widget that must be improving your conversion rates might actually drag you down. That's where proper A/B tests come in. Let's look at how it's working with the free Google Optimize.

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