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Imagine you are in a sales competition and get a detailed list of 1000 people (leads) and the challenge to generate as much revenue as possible within 30 days. Would you call everyone from top to bottom in alphabetical order? Or would you instead look at the details in the list attached to each lead like annual revenue, position, location, budget, etc., to priorities the file first and then start smiling and dialing? The latter strategy is obviously superior if you have limited time and resources, which we all do.

It's very similar in your growth marketing efforts. Once you have set up a valuable lead generator, like a landing page with a downloadable PDF, interested people are starting to pop up in our CRM (customer relationship management software, e.g., ActiveCampaign, Hubspot, Mailchimp). Now, what to do with them? Some of them subscribed to your newsletter, and others didn't. Some have stated in the download form that they have high annual revenue, some have just started their business. Some schedule a call with you, and some don't even open their emails.

In short, not all leads are created equal, and we have to focus on the best and nurture the rest. Lead scoring is what enables us to do that at scale.

  • Saving time & money with lead scoring
  • Measuring the quality of a lead
  • Nurturing leads vs. active sales
  • Lead Scoring - Q&A session


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