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How to plan a clear Growth Roadmap – Product X.1

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plan your growth roadmap

<almighty voice> There shall be growth!</almighty voice>
If this sentence doesn't offend you but resonates with you, welcome to our new "Product X" series. Have you ever been at the point where you wanted to grow the impact and profit of a particular product or service but didn't know where to begin exactly?

It's like planning a great treasure hunt. We hope for great rewards in the end, but there is a lot to prepare and endure until we eventually get there. Of course, you could wing it and sail roughly "north." If that's your thing, this won't be much fun for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for an action-oriented growth strategy that works in the real world, you'll enjoy this start of the Product X series.

In any worthwhile strategy, we have to:

  • be clear on our desired outcome
  • understand the challenges of our current situation,
  • identify the milestones that will get us from here to there,
  • decide on the next coherent action steps.

In the growth marketing world, this often looks something like this:

  • Outcome
    • We want to sell 1000 units of our widgets per month profitably.

  • Situation
    • The costs of selling more than 250 units are getting too high due to increased prices for social media ads, causing us to lose money.

  • Milestones
    • We need to specify who our core customer is, what they want, and how to communicate that in a more resonating way.
    • We need to set up lead magnets and email marketing to lower our cost per acquisition and increase customer retention.
    • We need to improve our analytics setup to see which marketing campaigns are profitable and which are losing us money.
    • We need to improve our ad campaigns to get cheaper and higher-converting traffic.
    • We need to learn faster through A/B testing to lose fewer customers.

  • Action steps
    •  *way too detailed for this description*


We will lay this strategy out with concrete, relatable examples. Applying it to your case will be a breeze. This is the start of our new 6-part "Product X" series. The goal is to put your product in place of X and start growing as fast as you can.



P.S.: Why is it free, you ask? At Pirate Skills, we believe in sharing the treasure maps with you for free. And if you ever need a traveling companion, we would sure love to share in the treasure.

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