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The ultimate b2b ads platform

Now it's time to talk about LinkedIn Ads! After we spoke in-depth about building a network on LinkedIn and the perfect content marketing strategy this time, we want to focus on the advertising part. It's the ideal place for B2B companies with a higher customer lifetime value, needed to be able to afford the higher than average click prices. Of course, we will share some of the Pirate Skills results.

There are fantastic targeting options for B2B businesses like specific companies, job titles, industries, growth rates, education levels. Also, let's figure out a solid content promotion strategy for your company page. If you don't have a LinkedIn page already, go and get one!

This course will focus on setting up a primary campaign to promote your content with LinkedIn Ads relatively cheaply and easily. As the last step, we are going one level deeper into the topic of optimizing your campaigns. What to do with the audience insights tag, how to do retargeting, what KPI's to look for to improve your campaign.

  • Are LinkedIn Ads right for you?
  • Targeting your B2B audience
  • Promoting your best LinkedIn Content
  • Optimizing your LinkedIn Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads – Q&A session


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