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invest confidently with a solid roi

If I could solve just one problem for all founders and marketers, it would be this: Knowing exactly how much revenue you make from your leads compared to the cost per acquisition. I don't even care whether it is for B2B or B2C because if we knew that, we would see where we are making profits and losses. What's holding you back right now from confidently investing 1000€ per day, week, or month in lead generation is not knowing if you are wasting your money. Clarity is power, and a good tracking setup can give us just that. That's why we have created this "Lead Tracking Guide."

What you will learn:
1. Track your leads from cost per acquisition to customer lifetime value.
2. Set up your tracking tools like Google Tag Manager and your CRM for lead tracking.
3. Build a weekly report with a clear action indicator based on our template.

Start measuring your lead generation success and invest confidently with a solid ROI.


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