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Here is every online shop owner's dream: People visit their E-Commerce website and buy! The reality is that 96 out of 100 visitors don't purchase anything for unknown reasons. Even more shocking is that a 4% E-Commerce conversion rate is already excellent! What's up with the other 96%? 

The next three growth marketing tactics in our "Double your E-Commerce profits" series focus on: 

  • Lead Generation before direct sales (#4/15)
  • Nurture subscribers with automations (#5/15)
  • After-sales email sequences (#6/15)

How about we offer them something of value before they need to make the purchase commitment? A digital goody, coupon, or guide doesn't hurt our bottom line if the alternative is "not purchasing." All we want in return is a way to stay in touch like a free email, social profile follow, or messenger subscription. A few follow-up emails that are personalized and value-driven go a long way towards building the trust necessary to commit to a purchase. And why stop after the sale? Let's stay in touch with our most valuable visitors instead of ignoring them or treating them like they have never bought something.

Making these three tactics work is the single, most potent E-Commerce strategy because it makes you unkillable. Imagine you can launch every new product towards your lists of thousands of subscribers. Customers won't forget you after the first visit or purchase, but keep coming back, write recommendations and refer their friends. I think it's worth trying! How about you?


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