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Let's continue the journey to double our e-commerce profits with a few questions: How well does my online store convert? Are my campaigns profitable? Do customers come back? What's my cost per acquisition and customer lifetime value?

These are questions that should be burning in all online shop owners' heads. They tell us when we will be out of business soon or when we are ready to scale as fast as we can get new inventory. The truth, sadly, often lies somewhere in the middle. Some of our products and campaigns are profitable, while others are dragging us down. And if we can't look at the numbers and see what works and what doesn't, we rely mostly on luck.

Let's talk about: 

  1. Why Analytics matters in E-Commerce
  2. Improve your conversion tracking (#7/15)
  3. Manage your cookie consent well (#8/15)
  4. Better reporting means faster learning (#9/15)
  5. E-Commerce analytics - Q&A


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