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Let the most profitable ads win

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Let the most profitable ads win

Meta Ads (aka Facebook and Instagram Ads), Google Search Ads, TikTok Ads, LinkedIn Ads, so many damn choices for us marketing pirates. How are we supposed to pick the ad platform with the most profit and impact for our business? We can't be expected to be experts at all of them, right? And if we ask experts, the "best" platform seems to be always the one the expert claims to be the best at .. funny, huh? And it's no difference within your marketing team if you have one.

I used to focus only on SEO (Ranking No. 1 on Google), then SEA (Google Search Ads), then Social Ads like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and now TikTok and LinkedIn Ads. If this long, 14-year journey has taught me anything, it's that:

  • I can't get caught up in my current favorite channel
  • ad platforms keep on changing year over year
  • every business ends up with a unique traffic mix
  • the traffic mix keeps on changing again and again

The solution I found and want to share with you is the "Channel Battle". It's simple. You ruthlessly let your traffic channels compete against your north-star metric (like cost-per-acquisition or return-on-advertising-spend). Be it through your own hands, your team, or that of specialized agencies. I set up a comparable funnel for each channel to be as sure as I can be that they don't interfere with each other. Then we go to town in a week-by-week challenge to beat the current benchmark for our north-star metric and share the learnings. I'll show you how to:

  1. Set up comparable funnels for each channel
  2. Communicate budget and audience boundaries
  3. Have weekly challenges to beat the current benchmarks
  4. Share critical insights with everyone to keep improving

This event will show you one of the fastest ways I found to improve your marketing skills, motivate your team like crazy and keep your agency performing for their money.


Sounds interesting? Then register for free and pick the ad platform with the most profit and impact for our business.
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