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Don't be one of the ghosts

Launching a new product to millions of eager customers is the stuff of our dreams as entrepreneurs. To even have a fair chance, we need a product or service idea that customers would be willing to wait in a long line for, like the next shiny new iPhone. But you have probably watched a lot of hungry founders pedaling their latest solutions in search of people who might have the problem they are trying to fix. I have seen these ghosts running around the floors of coworking spaces for years, and it even hurts to look at them. And trust me, it's way worse being that man in the arena yourself and getting told by the world that your baby (business idea) is ugly or maybe even worse hearing nothing at all because they don't even care enough.

That's why I set the rule for myself not to start coding (a.k.a. seriously developing my product) before I have 1000 people telling me that they are eagerly waiting for it to launch. There is an art and some science involved in building the proper funnel for your niche that gives you the feedback you need to mold your idea into a burning desire for your future customers. I have built such funnels for more than 100 of my ideas and dozens of other people's ideas. The setup that evolved from that experience, plus the best practices and most common traps, are what I want to share with you in this growth marketing journey. We use the example of my latest business idea, HabitUp, to show you idea validation in practice, not theory.

You will learn how to:

  1. Use ads to attract potential customers
  2. Build landing pages that explain your idea
  3. Create a survey that will provide deep insights


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