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Fresh leads -> predictable sales!

Leads are great, but if they don't turn into sales well, it's no fun, right? We have to remember that leads are real people whose trust we still have to earn. Even if we have suitable lead magnets, we can't let our leads go cold or spam them too much. Both result in no conversions to customers. Leads, aka real people, need time and more information to build the trust necessary to enter the next phase in your customer life cycle. At Pirate Skills, it took us way too long to go from just newsletters to proper lead nurturing, and we always try to improve. We condensed our insights into the "6 Lead Nurturing Tactics" poster:

1. Get inspired to implement any of these six proven lead nurturing tactics.
2. Easily understand what you need to do for each tactic in your business.
3. Share this poster with your team to get them onboard with lead nurturing.

Turn your fresh leads into predictable sales!


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