Converting 1K Ads into 5K Revenue

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Ads are the most fun in E-Commerce businesses because the money we spend is back in our pockets before our credit cards are charged. Plus, we can learn what's profitable day by day and what's not, compared to long sales cycles in B2B.

The next three growth marketing tactics in our double you E-Commerce profits series are:

  • ToFu, MoFu, BoFu ad structure (#10/15)
  • Retargeting simply everywhere (#11/15)
  • Smarter shopping campaigns (#12/15)

#10 – We need to solidify our ad campaign structure, no matter which ad platform we are using. Facebook, Instagram, Google, Pinterest, wherever! We'll show a reliable system you can apply to your products, categories, and your brand.

#11 – Retargeting is your start into ads if your ad budget is low or you need to improve your E-Commerce conversion rates. It would help if you had many visitors in your online shop to spend significant money on retargeting them. I even call them "cheater campaigns" because it's so easy to make them profitable.

#12 – Then there is another campaign type that seems to be working like magic for most online shops: Automated Shopping Campaigns. Google, Facebook, Pinterest. Most platforms offer some online shop data feed based campaigns. It's not simple to set them up, but once done, they do their promised magic.

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