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  Grow in 2019 | Video & Slides

Pirate Skills - 2019.01.07 - Grow in 2019.pdf

During this Pirate Skills event, we'll look at how to build and work a marketing strategy for 2019. You can start from scratch or base it on your current experience. The goal is to help you to:

- Choose the right growth channels

- Build high converting user funnels

- Manage your growth experiments

Choose the right growth channel

If you have read the book "Traction" by Gabriel Weinberg, you'll be familiar with the bulls-eye framework for choosing the right growth channels. We first want to look at all the options like Facebook Ads, SEO, Youtube, Sales, etc. and decide what to focus on and what can wait.

Build high converting user funnels

Thinking about marketing channels as part of user funnels gives your strategy a new dimension and depth. Concepts by Russel Brunson and Scott Oldford have opened my mind to the possibilities of each channel at the different parts of the user journey.

Manage your growth experiments

Today I start every project with a growth board that helps me to keep track of my growth experiments, priorities, running tests and results. Growth management is what keeps me structured and learning at a predictable rate.

This meetup will give you an overview of how growth marketers are building a strategy these days. I am looking forward to hearing how you go about it.