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  B2B Leads ] Best Tools and How-Tos [Pirate Skills Weekly]

We want to give you the best tools and how-tos for B2B lead generation in preparation of the meetup on Wednesday. We got great feedback from you guys in our Facebook group about what to put into a weekly growth marketing series. Please let us know what you think about our version by replying to this email. If this sucks, let us know .. for the love of god!

Our Top Tools for Leadgen on LInkedIn:

LinkedIn Sales Navigator (~59€ / month)

GPZ - All in one Linkedin automation software for marketing (~99$ / year)

LinkedHelper (~99$ / year)

Specific Best-Practices and How-Tos:


The Truth About B2B Lead Gen: What Really Works:

5 Step Plan for Better Leads with LinkedIn

How to generate leads on LinkedIn for your B2B company [Video]

LinkedIn Lead Generation Tips, Direct from the LinkedIn Sales Solutions Team [Podcast]:


Quick and Dirty Guide to Multichannel Lead Nurturing:

Automatically Invite targeted LinkedIn connections (from Linked Helper)


The Startup’s Playbook to Finding B2B Customers on LinkedIn: