Facing GDPAARRR | Video

Facing GDPAARRR | Pirate Skills | Meetup





(aka DSGVO)

It actually happened .. May 25th, 2018 went by .. the dust is settling .. you can get your head out of the sand and start thinking about Growth again .. instead of updating your Privacy Policy and briefing your employees on the latest and greatest updates from the EU .. thank you very much.

This meetup has a single purpose: Discussing the question and sharing best practices on "How to go about Growth Marketing despite the GDPR?"

- What effective workarounds have people found?

- How did the new signup form affect your lead generation?

- Which form styles have the best conversion rates now?

- Which cookies can we load before and after consent?

- How can you use GDPR even to our advantage?

- ...

Come on .. let's face this together.. and start to focus on growth again!

When: July, 2nd, 2018; 7 - 9pm

Where: Startplatz Cologne or Facebook Livestream



Facing GDPAARRR | Pirate Skills | Meetup