Closing B2B Leads | Video

Since our last meetup on B2B Lead Generation (get the video and slides here), you have probably grown into an amazing LeadGen machine, right? Now we have been asked by many of you how to close those inbound leads. This is what our upcoming meetup on June 6th, is going to be all about.

Our speaker Hamid of Ecodynamics has been hunting and closing B2B deals since ages. Just check out his LinkedIn. He has concepted and established the major deal organziation of T-Systems where he also headed the unit major deals development units. 

He is MIT alumni and has worked in Sillicon Valley where he also got skills about hunting and closing B2B Skills. 

He is THE guy I personally want to learn from when it comes to closing B2B leads.

He'll show his process of hunting for leads, engaging and closing them systematically.

Get the Slides here: