Funnel Hacking | Video

How to use FUNNEL HACKING to grow your business | Meetup |

A sales funnel is simply the way people learn about and engage with your B2B or B2C product. Funnel Hacking is the process of improving the conversion rate of each step of the funnel. At this meetup, I want to share my favorite funnels and discuss with you how to hack them into your business.

One popular B2C funnel is to use Facebook Ads to send people to a landing page with a free gift in exchange for the signup to a newsletter, which builds trust over time and sells products.

A high ticket B2B funnel might look like Google Search Ads to a landing page that offers a free webinar or consultation where you can access the customers needs to make a custom offer.

Most businesses are just one funnel away from serious growth opportunities. The problem is, we don't know which funnel might work for us. That's why we are going to share several proven funnels for B2C and B2B cases that you can try in your business right after this meetup.

Each step of the funnel is going right along our familiar AARRR metrics (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, Revenue). We'll use the Growth Marketing Treasure Map the make it easy to understand where your customers currently are in the funnel and which parts of the funnel you need to improve.