Startup Idea Validation | Video

Does your business idea rock or suck? You need a way to find out .. fast! It's such a waste of time to work on a business idea for months only to learn that nobody gives a shit.

Startup Idea Validation | Meetup | Part 1

(Sound starts at minute 3, sorry!)

Startup Idea Validation | Meetup | Part 2

After 10 years in the startup game, I wish I could have the time back that I spend on ideas that I should have let go ... way earlier. There is no such thing as a guarantee for success, no matter how much you validate, but it made a huge difference in my success rate in the long term.

The resulting structured approach to validating business ideas is the topic of this meetup. We build a couple of landing pages per week for 2 years and build 6 apps as a result. We are going to share how we:

  1. Come up with new ideas
  2. Build simple landing pages
  3. Send targeted traffic there
  4. Collect emails from interested users
  5. Learn from customer development surveys
  6. Decide which ideas to pursue and which to kill

Tools and examples:

  1. Give your idea a name, e.g. “CSGO SKILLS”, but check if it’s free with tools like Namechk.
  2. Register a domain, e.g., with your favorite host like namecheap or Host Europe.
  3. Build a basic landing page with Wordpress or tools like Instapage.
  4. Get a Mailchimp account and put a newsletter form on your landing page. Alternatively, try SendInBlue from Paris.
  5. Create an email confirmation page, like (Single-Optin).
  6. Create a signup thank you page, like
  7. Put a problem-detection-survey on the thank you page, like this one with Google Forms or Typeform
  8. Setup a Google Analytics account here. Use an email like [email protected] and redirect to your email.
  9. Setup a Google Adwords account here. Yes, the onboarding sucks. Just do it and pause the campaign.
  10. Put your Google Analytics Pixel an your page. For Wordpress I use the free Monster Insights plugin.
  11. Look up your search keywords with Google Keyword Planner and read this guide from MOZ.
  12. Spend 100€ on Adwords search ads. Expect to get about 100 visitors to your site and 10 subscriber.
  13. Analyze and repeat. Read the survey results and improve your ads and landing page.