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I recently read "Shoe Dog" the biography of the Nike founder Phil Knight. The next pair of sneakers I bought were Nikes. I felt so connected to the story that I wanted to bring a piece of that into my life.

Today, your products can be copied within a couple of weeks. If you ever sold something on Amazon, you will sooner or later have made that experience. If all products do and look pretty much the same, what's the only thing that makes them stand out?

With physical products that we sell online, we rarely have the luxury of letting our customers try the product before buying. 99% of online sales are based on trust built by the customers' information about the product. We are telling the product story through the descriptions, pictures, and videos we design. We have the opportunity to make the most out of this story in the eyes of our customers. Starting with the first ads people ever see and ending with the product experience itself, that should be worth sharing.

  1. Storytelling in E-Commerce
  2. Better product stories & creatives - #1/15
  3. Align products & content creation - #2/15
  4. Grow organic channels with ads - #3/15
  5. Product Story Q&A


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