Doubling your E-commerce profits | Online Meetup

E-Commerce is one of the most fun and instructive playgrounds for us growth marketers. Experiments result in precise and monetary outcomes within days. Customers often pay faster than ad platforms want to get paid, which leads to quick cashback cycles.

I remember when I managed the Facebook Ads for Klarheit, a physical coaching calendar. We agreed on a 5000 Euro monthly ad budget but decided that any sales profits can be used for more ads. The idea of a maximum monthly budget became obsolete quite quickly since we used the same Paypal account to receive and spend money. Every calendar sale in our Facebook Lead Ads funnel made an average profit of 10 Euro, resulting in a fast-growing Paypal account. We stopped talking about budgets. ;)

Over the past four years, I have tested a gazillion of growth marketing tactics in the E-Commerce arena. We want to share 15 tactics that have proven themselves in the real world over and over again. We will range from ways to build more engaging creatives to B2C email funnels and the perfect product ad campaign structure. Over the next five parts of this series, we will dive deep into applying these 15 tactics in your online shop or online sales process.




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