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If I had to choose the ONE tracking tool, which I could have in every analytics setup, it would be Google Tag Manager (GTM). It's the Swiss Army knife of tracking and can do so much without having to code. Need to track how many visitors click a button, submit a form, or scroll down at least 50% of your website? Good luck doing that with Google Analytics or the Facebook Pixel without adding custom code to your website. With Google Tag Manager, you have to install it once, and you can do 99% of the work from the browser interface.

Think of GTM as a layer between your website or app and your other analytics tools. It organizes your analytics tools and manages user interactions in one place. For example, you can add tracking tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and LinkedIn Insights Tags within 10 minutes to all your web pages. Ten minutes later, all these tracking tools start to receive an event that shows how many people are clicking your main call-to-action button. Please, get a quote from a web development agency for that job! It's not a 20-minute job if you build it custom. Not even your own developers should be wasting their time by integrating the same 20 user events with five different tracking tools. They should be busy building important features and fixing crucial bugs.

GTM enables marketers and product people to become more data-driven without dependence on the dev team. It frees you to define the tracking events that help you understand your customer's behavior and measure the performance of your campaigns.

I want this to be the one short resource you can go to whenever questions come up like:

  • Do we need more than Google Analytics / Facebook Pixel?
  • How do I install XYZ tracking pixel?
  • How do I track a button click, form submit, ...?
  • Why do I have to implement all tracking events three times?

Therefore we'll tackle these topics in the meetup:

  1. Manage your tracking pixels without coding
  2. Improve your ad campaign performance
  3. Gain full visibility of your user behavior
  4. Learn more about Google Tag Manager
  5. Google Tag Manager - Q&A




The Journey

19:00 - 20:00: Live Stream about tracking with Google Tag Manager

20:00 - 20:30: Q&A session


Live Stream

You are welcome to watch the online meetup through our YouTube channel even without a personal account.


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