Corona Marketing Survival | Live Stream

In the last 10 days, I have seen massive reductions in advertising spendings and capacities for content marketing. A lot of projects lost 60-90% of daily revenue, starting on Friday the 13th. 👹

Since then, we have shifted the focus of our marketing efforts. But what we changed was very different from project to project. Let's discuss the various opportunities we have in this crazy time.

Here are some of your and our ideas for this special live stream:

  • Should we still spend money on ads?
  • Should we do more or less content marketing now?
  • Is this the right time to focus on SEO?
  • How can we support our clients?
  • How can marketing help to manage the crisis?
  • How do your marketing in regards to ethics and value creation?
  • How to turn your offline product online?
  • What's software tools stack to survive corona?
  • Ben, what's your perspective on the matter?

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PS: The "Make Instagram Ads profitable again" meetup in April will happen as usual! It will stay an "online-only" event until we get further information regarding the Covid-19 topic.

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