Make Instagram Ads Profitable Again | Online Meetup


One of the few good things about COVID-19 is that Instagram ads have become cheaper than I have ever seen them. Now is a great time to check if and how you can make Instagram ads profitable for your business. And if you don't believe that your customers are going to buy in this time of crisis (which I don't think), you can use this time to build your lead list cheaper than usual. Let's get those first 10k followers so we can finally use that sweet swipe-up link feature.

Instagram is quite a unique platform for ads, and we should treat it differently than Facebook ads even though you can manage both from your FB Business Manager. So let's talk topics like:

  • How to add videos longer than 15sec into your story ads
  • How to have an interactive poll on your story ads
  • How to have the same targeting power on your mobile app as on the desktop browser
  • Why you should start Instagram ads from your mobile app when you want to get more followers and NOT on your desktop browser (better CTAs and Statistics) 

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