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Ideas. Experiments. Results. 

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To achieve our goals as growth marketers, we come up with ideas, turn them into measurable experiments, and aim for results towards our north star metric. The challenge is coming up with the right ideas, not messing up the experiments, and producing results that last. All those quick-fix growth hacks don't cut it for us. We can look up a 100 hacks any day of the week and never run out for months. While the confusion increases, the questions remain:

  • What are the right ideas for my business?
  • How do I test my ideas effectively?
  • When will I finally see the results of my work?

For me, it all starts with a clear goal. It's usually about fixing the weakest part of my customer journey or scaling the most promising one. To increase my impact and profit, I set goals like:

  • Double the number of leads per week
  • Increase organic traffic by 30%
  • Cut the checkout abandonment rate in half
  • Add three month to my average subscription time

Let's say I go for the "Double the number of leads per week" goal. There are so many ways to reach that goal. I have to collect and prioritize my ideas to see which ones are worth being tested like:

  • Create better lead magnets, like an infographic
  • Improve the opt-in flow for new leads
  • A/B test a more inspiring value proposition
  • Focusing on the traffic source that produces the most leads

The last one seems to me like the most impactful with the least amount of work involved. I push it to the top of my idea list. I still have to check that I would even notice the changes I'm going to implement. To run my experiments, I have to make sure that:

  • I can see the conversions (Leads) e.g., in Google Analytics
  • I can see which traffic sources are producing the conversions
  • I have decided on a metric e.g., leads per week per traffic source

In many cases, I still have to fix some problems before I can start. I'm okay when my tracking seems consistently about 80% right. Going for perfection in your experiment set up can become a colossal time sink.

Now I can drive real results by focusing on my traffic sources that already produce the most leads per week. I regularly check whether or not I have achieved my goal of doubling my leads per week. If it was the idea that produced significant results in my experiment, sweet. But if not, I start with the next idea in line.

Ideas. Experiments. Results. Repeat.