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At this Pirate Skills meetup, I'll share my 5 favorite traffic channels for "free" and paid traffic that actually converts to customers.

Who doesn't need more qualified traffic? The question is rather where to get it and what you need to give in return. A 1000 visitors to your website can cost you a week worth of social media posts or 1000€ on ads. The choice is ours and we have to learn to be the judge of what brings us the best ROI (return on investment). "All" we have to do is to find traffic channels that attract customers for less than they give us back in revenue .. minus the cost of goods delivered .. minus returns .. minus people .. minus you get the point. If that sounds interesting to you, join us (for free) live in Cologne or through the live stream.

I'll introduce you to these traffic channels:

1. Content Marketing:

Content marketing is today the backbone of almost all traffic generation strategies. These days you are basically fu**ed without a good story to tell your target audience in engaging formats. Generating traffic through social media platforms, search engine optimization and email list building can be laborious, but very worthwhile in the long term. Plus, if you have more time than money on your hands, it's your best option in my opinion.

2. Influencer Marketing:

Between content marketing and pay-per-click traffic is influencer marketing. It's quite appealing because most influencers have not yet realized how powerful they are. This type of recommendation will give your product more attention and trust than almost any other channel. You can earn a recommendation from an influencer by aligning well with their goals and/or paying them a fair amount of money.

3. Facebook & Instagram Ads:

Facebook and Instagram are the platforms where I spend 80% of my money at the moment. While organic reach for FB pages has been diminishing, paid posts and stories with engaging content are still quite cheap. Reaching 1000 people can cost from 2€ for very broad audiences to 15€ for highly focused ones. The way you can target an audience and the ability to reengage people who have been in touch with you make these platforms incredibly powerful for generating quality traffic.

4. Google Ads:

Google Search Ads are the only way to get in touch with a potential customer right at the moments when he/she is looking for a solution like yours. People search for almost anything on Google, Bing, etc. But the search is just the tip of the iceberg in the Google Ads universe. You can get in front of people watching videos on Youtube and while surfing millions of websites or apps through the display network.

5. Native Ads:

I'm astonished how few people have tried this easy to use way of advertising your stories through (paid) recommended articles on high (and low) quality websites like Handelsblatt, Forbes, Wired, etc. I often get a million impressions for about 200€ (yes, CTRs are shitty) and easily fill my retargeting audiences for the more expensive platforms like Google and Facebook. Native advertising platforms like Outbrain and Taboola have become the goto traffic source for many big affiliate marketers since Facebook and Google have become so expensive.

Join the meetup or the live stream to ask questions about how these channels apply to your business and in which order of preference I would test them in your business case.

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