Working Remote: Yes or no? - GrowthArtic - 35

We‘re working in teams for more than 10 years already. First came the homeoffice revolution up. Then everybody started to talk about „new work“ and working remote. And now there is the digital nomad lifestyle going around. But what is the best working style for you? We‘re sharing our own experiences working remote...

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Who is Hendrik Lennarz?

„I ❤️GROWTH“ 🚀

My name is Hendrik Lennarz and I´m addicted to Growth Hacking for more than 12 years now. Unfortunately not knowing that my job title has such a cool name like “Growth Hacker”.

I love sharing with you more than 100+ self-applied Growth Hacks and my Growth Hacking process V3.0 is a best practice for sustainable Growth for 150+ startups and corporates across Europe.

My working experience is based on 10 years working as CTO/CPO at Trusted Shops, where I built up the tech- and product stack from scratch, up to a team-size of 50+ people and to a customer base of 25.000 online retailers across Europe.

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Who is Ben Sufiani?

I'm Ben Sufiani, founder since 2008 and host of the Pirate Skills meetups in Cologne. After serval web and app startups with a fair share of fails and successes, I found me focus in growth marketing. To me that mean being responsible for measuring and improving the customer journey from B2B/B2C acquisition to retention to lifetime value. Btw .. Hendrik was the first speaker at Pirate Skills over 3 years ago.

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