Growth Marketing predictions for 2019 - GrowthArtic - 34

What are the Growth Marketing trends in 2019? 🚀 The GROWTHARTIC crew Ben Sufiani and Hendrik Lennarz talk with Kevin Indig - living and working in Silicon Valley.

- What will happen to B2B Growth Marketing in 2019?

- How to build a professional SEO strategy with holistic microsites

- Audio and Video search will become more and more important - as well as for your SEO strategy

- What the hell is social media fatigue and how to cope with it?

- Which target group can you reach best on which marketing channel?

- What about Messenger Marketing?

Kevin Indig´s Blog:

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Who is Hendrik Lennarz?

„I ❤️GROWTH“ 🚀

My name is Hendrik Lennarz and I´m addicted to Growth Hacking for more than 12 years now. Unfortunately not knowing that my job title has such a cool name like “Growth Hacker”.

I love sharing with you more than 100+ self-applied Growth Hacks and my Growth Hacking process V3.0 is a best practice for sustainable Growth for 150+ startups and corporates across Europe.

My working experience is based on 10 years working as CTO/CPO at Trusted Shops, where I built up the tech- and product stack from scratch, up to a team-size of 50+ people and to a customer base of 25.000 online retailers across Europe.

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Who is Ben Sufiani?

I'm Ben Sufiani, founder since 2008 and host of the Pirate Skills meetups in Cologne. After serval web and app startups with a fair share of fails and successes, I found me focus in growth marketing. To me that mean being responsible for measuring and improving the customer journey from B2B/B2C acquisition to retention to lifetime value. Btw .. Hendrik was the first speaker at Pirate Skills over 3 years ago.

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